2020 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose a policy that elaborates the company's efforts to interact with the communities in which they operate?


YES. We consider our host community as our growth partner, and contribute to its social development agenda by paying appropriate taxes and complying with relevant laws, regulations, resolutions and ordinances. 


Through our subsidiaries, we also empower the local communities where they operate by providing employment, livelihood opportunities and basic services that will help improve their quality of life.


The Company aims to  nurture and manage partnerships with communities by leading community initiatives in the areas of social development, environmental protection and community involvement in decision making.  In 2020, we focus our social contribution in the following key areas:  Education and skills training, community safety and wellness, livelihood enhancement, environmental stewardship, and emergency and disaster relief and response.


Good Governance Department

Joseph D. Susa
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