2020 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Do shareholders have the opportunity, evidenced by an agenda item, to approve remuneration (fees, allowances, benefit-in-kind and other emoluments) or any increases in remuneration for the non-executive directors/commissioners?



YES. In recognition of the significant contribution of the Independent Directors and and Non-Executive Director in the performance of board functions and duties and to align to market, the stockholders were given the opportunity to approve remuneration or any increase thereof in remuneration for the non-executive directors as evidenced by the agenda item # 6 in the Notice and Agenda of our 2015 Annual Stocholders' Meeting.


We respect and uphold our shareholders’ right to participate, be informed and vote on fundamentally important matters during our ASM. There is no change in the directors' remuneration since 2015.

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