2020 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company have a policy or procedures to protect an employee/person who reveals alleged illegal/unethical behaviour from retaliation?


YES. The Whistleblowing Integrity Reporting Policy makes it clear that employees can report an alleged illegal or unethical behavior without fear of reprisals. Any harassment or retaliatory action shall be subject to disciplinary or legal action. 


There will be no adverse consequences for anyone who reports a whistleblowing concern in good faith. However, any individual found responsible for making allegations maliciously or in bad faith may be subject to disciplinary or legal action pursuant to the policies and procedures of the Company, and any applicable laws.


The following actions may be taken after investigation of an alleged serious concern;


a. Disciplinary or legal action against the wrongdoer, depending on the results of the investigation;


b. Disciplinary or legal action against the whistleblower, if the reported allegation is found to be malicious or otherwise made in bad faith; or


c. No action, if the whistleblower acted in good faith but the reported allegation is not confirmed by the investigation.


The whistleblower will be kept informed of the progress and outcome of the investigation, within the constraints of maintaining confidentiality or observing legal restrictions. 

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